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About Us

Satva, meaning pure or real, is an e-commerce startup company, based in Muscat, Oman, that aims to connect craft and handmade-product suppliers with consumers. We are here to celebrate art, design, age-old techniques and the cultural traditions that unite us all. 

Shopsatva is a place to buy and sell products that have a meaning. Each of the products we stock is created with a love for design and a respect for the history and culture that came before us. We love the hard work and creativity that goes into handmade products, especially products that seek an ethical and conscious purpose. Our store currently stocks, (but is by no means limited to), home decor, fashion apparel and DIY craft kits. 

In a world of mass consumerism and corporate rule, Satva is a humble attempt to bring things back to ground-level, to give power back to the consumers and to ignite a forgotten respect for all that is 'Satva.' This project has led us to not only provide products, but to bring tales and stories of the process behind each product: the people, the inspiration, the culture and the labour. We believe in sharing stories and celebrating how a product can come to represent something much bigger than itself. 

The Satva story is also one that celebrates small business owners. There's a drive and a hustle behind every small business that deserves recognition. We see collaboration, not competition, and we have love for everyone out there who's carving their own path in life. Have a browse, do some shopping, read some stories and by all means, join us on this adventure. We hope you enjoy. 

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